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1. I'm new to UTSA, should i settle in first and rush next semester?

Its all up to you on how you want your college experience to be. Although, we do suggest to join earlier than later. In early semesters, classes are easier due to them being core, but the more you get into your major, the more difficult your classes and schedule will be. That being aside, We do have older actives that are willing to help and tutor, who have already been in a lot of the core classes. As well, joining this organization could help in settling in and getting to know San Antonio.

2. I don't have a lot of time, what could I do?

In order to join our organization, there is a new member process that we go through each semester. In order to join, you would have to successfully complete a semester of this process. During this process, we train each member with time management. So, if you would still like to join, but just don't have the time, it will be harder for you, but it is possible. We try to connect everyone's schedule to have a successful semester.

3. How do i become qualified to join?

In order to qualify, you'd have to attend 1 info session, 1 interview, and 2 regular events during rush. After rush is over, we get together and decide who to give Bids, which are invitations to go through the new member process. We're an easy going group of girls to get along with, and we'd love to meet any interested girls. We're pretty lenient when it comes to certain situations as well, so please come talk to us about any problems you may have.

4. I'm not Asian, can i still join?

YES, of course. We're an Asian-Interest Organization, so it does not require you to be Asian, we're just interested ;] haha. Though yes, we invite all backgrounds and cultures and would love to have a more diverse group of girls.

5. Is this new member process hard?

It is meant to be challenging. Although, it's different for every girl. One person may feel it was REALLY hard, while another may feel that it wasn't that challenging at all. It mainly depends on the person. Many of the events are a way of bonding and working together, and it helps you create a relationship with your fellow new members.

6. I hear these organizations do hazing, do you?

No, we do not condone hazing. If we feel or see that it may compromise or degrade you as a person, than we wouldn't do it. Many of our events are activities that you may/might do on a daily basis, tweaked a little. Nothing harmful though. Either way, if you feel that you are compromised, please come talk to us. *We do not force any of our girls to do anything they do not want to do. Joining our organization, begins and ends with it being your choice.

7. Are yall's due's really expensive?

We cannot disclose that information here, but i could honestly tell you that it is definitely under 400. Dues are required to do a lot of the events we as a sorority like to do, crush, formal, retreats, and etc. During the new member process though, all money earned/dues all go back towards you in buying gifts, formal, activities, and so forth. We also have a wonderful treasurer who is trained in trying to find the best ways to help you pay, whether its through installment plans or fundraising.

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