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History of the Founding Chapters
In the fall semester of 1998, six young ladies at the University of Georgia at Athens: Irene Chien, Young Jeon, Juliette Taylor, Jessica Yoo, Suzanne Yoo, and Jasmine Yu, realized the need for Asian unity and a stronger voice in the campus community. They decided to start an Asian-interest sorority, which would become the first in the state of Georgia. With the help of six other friends: Sandra Chu, Debbie Kwon, Angela Lu, Lynn Nguyen, Anne See, and Anna Suh, the founding mothers of Alpha Sigma Rho were assembled. Having researched on several sororities across the nation, they felt that their unique goals and ideals were not well-represented within the existing sororities. These ladies believed that a sorority should exist primarily to breach the barriers between separate cultural backgrounds, thereby promoting a sisterhood based on mutual respect and appreciation. At the first attempt of establishing an asian-interest sorority in Georgia, the founding class faced challenging obstacles due to the skeptical attitude of their mission from the UGA community. However, through continued perseverance and determination, this group of extraordinary women were able to overcome the difficulties in providing a means for addressing the concerns of the Asian student body. The Asian population at the University of Georgia remains underrepresented; however, it is continuing to grow. Alpha Sigma Rho hopes to act as a unified voice for the expanding Asian population and instill a deeper awareness of the beauty of these cultures within the campus community at large.

UTSA Charter Class

History of the Delta Colony at University of Texas at San Antonio
In the spring of 2007, six young women from the University of Texas at San Antonio crossed into Alpha Sigma Rho through the Beta chapter at the University of Texas at Austin. These six diverse ladies, Caroline Armstrong, Amy Babanto, Doan Dao, Janice Hill, Jennifer Shelton, and Elizabeth Tan, were excited to start the first Asian-interest sorority at the UTSA campus through the help of the ASR sisters from Austin. After first learning of the sorority's interest to expand to their campus, it soon became the ladies' ambition to represent the Asian-American community not only in the greek community, but in the rest of the campus as well. They are currently working towards becoming a recognized sorority on campus, and will soon be the first sorority of it's kind on the UTSA campus, and they will continue building the history of the Delta Colony at UTSA.

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