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What is Rush?
Rush is a short period of time in the begining of each semester where the girls of ASR want to get to know the ladies who are interested as well as show the ladies what ASR is all about.

Why bother?
All rush events are free, and you are not obligated to join.

These events provide an opportunity for you to meet the active sisters of the sorority, meet new friends, have fun, and, most importantly, find out if Alpha Sigma Rho is for you!

Then What?
After our last rush event, the rushees are given "bids," or formal invitations to join. The girls can then decide whether to accept or decline the invitation. If she chooses to accept, she is then officially considered a "pledge" for ASR.

In order to be considered for a bid, you must have:
1. filled out an information sheet
2. go through a scheduled interview
3. attended at least 2 rush events

With all that said, we hope all you girls that join us for rush will have a blast, and know that we always look for quality over quantity!

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